Bullets & Broadheads is a family-oriented outdoor show hosted by the Hendrick Family.

Michael is the driving force behind Bullets & Broadheads. Michael has numerous animals that have qualified for Boone & Crocket and Pope & Young, including a non-typical Texas state record whitetail buck. Michael’s passion and drive for the outdoors has pushed his outfitting business to be one of the finest hunting organizations in Texas.

Sonia is the supportive wife and mother who takes care of the home front while the boys are out in the field. But don’t let that pretty lady fool you. She can hold her own in the field with a gun or bow. Sonia loves fishing, waterfowl and big game hunting, as well as wing shooting.

Michael J is a very avid hunter, and very accomplished for his age.  Michael J has animals that have qualified for Pope & Young, Boone & Crockett, and Trophy Game Records of the World. Michael is respected by his high school peers for his outdoor accomplishments. Michael’s passion is shared with his friends by organizing hunts for ducks, deer, goose, prairie dog, and dove. Michael’s drive and passion for waterfowl hunting is second to none. You will never see Michael without a smile on his face.

One thing the Hendrick family will do is continuously encourage you to spend time with your family and friends in the outdoors. Over the past 13 years the Hendrick Family has unselfishly donated their time and hunts to promote the hunting industry and the outdoors to fellow hunters and area youth through local hunting events.


Big country, big whitetails, big hearts and big family ties – Bullets & Broadheadsis a true grit, real story, Texas country hunting-outdoor show. For generations, the Hendrickfamily grew up harvesting trophy wildlife from the far stretches of Texas underbrush. Today, Michael, Sonia, Michael J. and Mckenzieshare those traditions in search of their next monster whitetail. Texas is big country, where the hunts are wild, the people are a dose of southern comfort and family blood comes first. The Hendricks bring Texas living, community and conservative hunting to viewers across the nation.